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China Mobile prepaid SIM card, start at US $16.99
China Calling Card
China calling cards or IP phone cards are the most economical ways to make long distance calls in China. You can use them for domestic calls or international calls. These calling cards have low rates of US$ 0.03 - 0.30/min for calls to most of the countries and regions in the world. So you can save lots of money for your trip or business. Just need a phone, such as a mobile or a fixed-line phone in your hotel or office, even a public phone, with the special access code, you can dial your home at once.

Calling cards are a great tool to keep in touch with others in a cheap and efficient way. We make the purchasing easier, the rates better. All calling cards or IP phone cards are delivered online.
China 17900 IP Calling Card 100 yuan
US $8.85
Denomination: RMB 100
Carrier: China Telecom
Card Expiry Date: June 30, 2014
Coverage: access to over 190 countries or regions
Low Rates: Call from China starts at $0.027/min*
* Local access charge not included

We make the purchasing easier, the rates better. All 17900 calling cards are delivered online instantly. Follow the steps:
China calling cards - 86callchina.com

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