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China Mobile prepaid SIM card, start at US $16.99
China Shenzhen 3G Prepaid Data SIM Card (Standard and Micro SIM ) - 9GB Data
China Data SIM Card : China Shenzhen 3G Prepaid Data SIM Card (Standard and Micro SIM ) - 9GB Data
Price: US $55.99
3G data SIM of China Unicom (WCDMA)
9GB of data complete with (Shenzhen 7GB + Nationalwide 2GB)
Micro and standard SIM available
Nationalwide roaming use supported
Data use only, voice and sms, mms closed
No any extra fee, no contract and no registration required
A local China data sim card, low rate to access internet in China.

GPRS/EDGE/3G(WCDMA) data plan activated.

Download speed up to 7.2Mbps with upload speed up to 5.76Mbps.

Automatic roaming service in China mainland.

No contract, monthly charges or credit check.

Micro SIM for iPhone and iPad available.
RMB 300 yuan credit included. Data usage applied once SIM card activated and no credit left on balance.

2GB National wide roaming data usage and 7GB Shenzhen local data usage total, lower rate for using in Shenzhen.

Roaming internet service in China mainland has no extra charges (2GB traffic up to).

Voice calling, SMS and MMS functions were closed.
Activate Your Service *

This 3G data SIM Card was activated before shipping. You must have a cell phone or mobile device or usb sticker first.

1. This data SIM card is ready to be used when received it from us.
2. Take out the SIM card and then insert it into your mobile phone( SIM unlocked required ) or mobile device ( GSM 900MHZ, GSM 1800MHz and WCDMA 2100MHZ required ) accurately.
3. Set up the network connection accurately.

* SIM unlocked means your mobile device can work with any other SIM card. If you are not sure if it is unlocked please contact your carrier or seller.
* The card will be completed local set up before shipping. Its initial period of validity is 90 days since the local set up finished.

China Unicom 3G internet Set Up **

APN: 3gnet
Homepage: http://www.wo.com.cn
WAP Gateway:
WAP Gateway Port: 80 for WAP2.0; 9201 for WAP1.2
User Name:
* user name and password are both empty

Setting for your laptop to access internet via China Unicom 3G network:

1. add your mobile phone or data card as a modem to your laptop
2. Set up modem: extra settings: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","3gnet"; +cgeqreq=1,3,64,64
3. enter *99# as dial number
4. user name and password are all empty
5. Its OK and you can connect now
This card is applicable to SIM unlocked GSM 900MHZ, GSM 1800MHz dual-band and WCDMA 2100MHZ tri-band compatible mobile device.

SIM card initial period of validity is 60 days since it was shipped out. Out of the initial period, SIM card will expire and all remaining airtime credit will be forfeit. The service life of SIM card can not be extended.
Customer Service
Customer service center of China Unicom: 10010
Remaining data check: 10010

If you have any questions about purchase, please contact us or post your question below.
We provide domestic delivery inside China and international. Buyer pays all shipping costs.
Shipping only begins upon clearance of total payment. Multiple purchases to same shipping address will be consolidated to save costs for you.

Check your shipping cost

Registered air mail (US $4.00, 6-25 days, insurance included)
EMS ( US $9.50-50.00, 4-9 days, insurance included)
Fedex (US $18.00-65.00, 3-6 days, insurance included)
Express Mail Service to your address inside China (US $3.50, 2-4 days, insurance included)

* If the cost of shipping your select is not assured, when you checkout, you will be adviced that the order was submitted and then we will send you email order confirmation with shipping cost added manually within 24 hours.
Ask a Question
plz help me china city (Nov 17, 2012):
me no andos st plz chak this namber
Ken (Nov 17, 2012):
Any details please?
Marco (Aug 23, 2012):

Are there also any subscriptions available, for example 8 gb per month, which can be used in a mifi device. Which I can use every time I go to China?

Kind regards.
Ken (Aug 24, 2012):
It comes with total 9GB (Shenzhen 7GB + Nationalwide 2GB ) within 90 days since it was activated. It can be used in a mifi device. No other plans. Thanks.

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China Data SIM Card : China Shenzhen 3G Prepaid Data SIM Card (Standard and Micro SIM ) - 9GB Data
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