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China Mobile prepaid SIM card, start at US $16.99
China Mobile Prepaid EDGE/GPRS Data SIM Card Plan50
China Data SIM Card : China Mobile Prepaid EDGE/GPRS Data SIM Card Plan50
Price: US $29.99
A China Mobile EDGE/GPRS prepaid data SIM card
Nationwide coverage in China mainland
Roaming in whole China mainland supported
Micro SIM for iPhone and iPad available
50 yuan for 500 MB traffic monthly
10 yuan basic monthly fee
A local China Mobile number, you know it before you leave, and keep in toch with your business, friends and family when you are in China.

GPRS / EDGE data plan actived, easily access internet.

Up to 247kbps, general speed rate 160 - 200 kbps, depends on network condition.

Automatic roaming service in China mainland.

No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check.

50 yuan / 500 MB monthly EDGE / GPRS traffic, 1 yuan / MB for exceed traffic

Micro SIM for iPhone and iPad available
Minutes included and Rates
RMB 100 yuan credit included.

10 yuan basic monthly charges.

GPRS/EDGE Data Plans:

20 yuan Plan
Monthly fee: 20 yuan
Free traffic including: 200 MB
Rate exceed free traffic: 1 yuan/MB
Roaming charges: none

50 yuan Plan
Monthly fee: 50 yuan
Free traffic including: 500 MB
Rate exceed free traffic: 1 yuan/MB
Roaming charges: none

100 yuan Plan
Monthly fee: 100 yuan
Free traffic including: 2000 MB
Rate exceed free traffic: 1 yuan/MB
Roaming charges: none

200 yuan Plan
Monthly fee: 200 yuan
Free traffic including: 5000 MB
Rate exceed free traffic: 1 yuan/MB
Roaming charges: none

Roaming (inside China mainland) use supported and no extra roaming charges.
500 yuan for 15GB CMNET and CMWAP traffic.
The first GPRS/EDGE data plan applied works at once.
Cancel, change or update GPRS/EDGE plan is NOT effective until next billing day.
To apply a new GPRS/EDGE plan with SMS, current GPRS/EDGE plan need not to be cancelled.

Standard Rates for Calling*

Incoming Calls ( inside Guangdong Province ): free
Roaming Incoming Calls ( outside Guangdong Province): 0.39 yuan/min

Local Outgoing Calls: 0.29 yuan/min (0:00-11:00), 0.49 yuan/min (11:00-24:00)
Domestic Long Distance Outgoing Calls: 0.29 yuan/min (0:00-11:00), 0.49 yuan/min (11:00-24:00)
Roaming Domestic Outgoing Calls ( inside Guangdong Province ): 0.49 yuan/min
Roaming Domestic Outgoing Calls ( outside Guangdong Province): 0.49 yuan/min
Long Distance Outgoing Calls to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 12593 international service available
International Long Distance Outgoing Calls to other countries and regions: 12593 international service available

Domestic Text SMS: 0.15 yuan / message
International Text SMS: 1.00 yuan / message

*To make standard direct dial calls:
0 + area code + phone number or only phone number for local landlines
direct dial mobile phone number for other local cell phone
0 + area code + phone number for domestic long distance landlines
0 + mobile phone for domestic long distance mobile phone

12593 Preferential Express **

Local Outgoing Calls: 0.39 yuan/min
Domestic Long Distance Outgoing Calls: 0.39 yuan/min

International Long Distance outgoing Calls to USA ( including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy: 0.39 yuan/min

International Long Distance outgoing Calls to Macao, Vietnam, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bengal, Brunei: 0.99 yuan/min

International Long Distance outgoing Calls to Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Holand, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Ghana, Algeria, Israel, Tanzania, Colombia: 1.99 yuan/min

International Long Distance outgoing Calls to Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela: 2.99 yuan/min

International Long Distance outgoing Calls to countries and regions not list above: 7.99 yuan/min

** applicable to local use and also roaming use inside mainland China at same rates
** 0.99 yuan/min for Calls to special numbers Taiwan +8869, Japan +8170, +8180, +8190, Australia +614
** 1.99 yuan/min for Calls to special numbers UK +447, France +336, Germany +491,+4970, Italy +393
** Do not support to access these codes: 110、112、119、120、122、160、168、1258#、12520、1259#、13800100166、13800100309、 10086、16300、16388、16900、16901、172、179#、197、200、300、4008、600、700、800、 11818、11819 (#, any number, such as 179# includes any number headed with 179, e.g. 17900, 17908)
** Calling with access number 12593:
12593 + 0 + area code + phone number for local landlines
12593 + mobile phone number for other local cell phone
12593 + 0 + area code + phone number for domestic long distance landlines
12593 + mobile phone for domestic long distance mobile phone
12593 + 00 + country code + area code + phone number for international number

Activate Your Service *

This GPRS / EDGE data SIM Card can be used to dail or receive calls
This GPRS / EDGE data SIM Card can be used to send text SMS
This GPRS / EDGE data SIM Card can be used to GPRS / EDGE data connection
Hardware is not included. You must have a cell phone or mobile device or data card first.

1. GPRS / EDGE data SIM card is ready to be used when received it from us.
2. Take out the thumbnail sized SIM card from its holder and then insert the SIM card into your GSM mobile phone ( SIM unlocked required ) or mobile device ( GSM 900MHZ and GSM 1800MHz required ) accurately.
3. Set up the network connection accurately.

* SIM unlocked means your mobile phone can work with any other SIM card, GSM 900/1800 MHz dual-band or tri-band compatible mobile phone is required. If you are not sure if your cell phone is unlocked please contact your carrier or seller.
* The card will be completed local set up before shipping. Its initial period of validity is 60 days since the local set up finished.

China Mobile GPRS Set Up **


Name 1: GPRSMMSChinaMobile
APN: cmwap
Liner time: 300 Seconds

Name 2: GPRSMMS2ChinaMobile
APN: cmnet
Liner time: 300 Seconds


Name 1: ProxyMMS1ChinaMobile
Proxy server 1 address type: IP address
Port: 9201

Name 2: ProxyMMS2ChinaMobile
Proxy server 1 address type: IP address
Port: 9201

Relay server URL: http://mmsc.monternet.com

** Login name and password above are all empty.
This card is applicable to SIM unlocked GSM 900MHZ and GSM 1800MHz dual-band or tri-band compatible mobile phones.

SIM card initial period of validity is 90 days since it was shipped out. Out of the initial period, SIM card will expire and all remaining airtime credit will be forfeit. The service life of SIM card may be extended indefinitely by purchasing and recharging airtime. As long as you continue the recharging (balance is not out), the card will continue to be valid.

China mobile will not print out phone charges. Customers can only check their remaining value by calling 13800138000.
Customer Service
Customer service center of China Mobile: 10086
Remaining credit value check: 13800138000

If you have any questions about purchase, please contact us or post your question below.
We provide domestic delivery inside China and international. Buyer pays all shipping costs.
Shipping only begins upon clearance of total payment. Multiple purchases to same shipping address will be consolidated to save costs for you.

Check your shipping cost

Registered air mail (US $4.00, 6-25 days, insurance included)
EMS ( US $9.50-50.00, 4-9 days, insurance included)
Fedex (US $18.00-65.00, 3-6 days, insurance included)
Express Mail Service to your address inside China (US $3.50, 2-4 days, insurance included)

* If the cost of shipping your select is not assured, when you checkout, you will be adviced that the order was submitted and then we will send you email order confirmation with shipping cost added manually within 24 hours.
Ask a Question
marksteven (Apr 18, 2014):
sir i just bought a china unicom simcard and my load balance is 66,913 something and i turn on my mobile data for almost 1hr. my load was not minus.. is this okey or do i need to register for mobile data? thank you very much..
Ken (Apr 18, 2014):
You'd better to contact the seller who you bought the sim card for the details of your plan. I have no idea on this.
Luke Wallace (Feb 14, 2014):
Hi I am currently living in China and I want to buy some internet for my phone so I can tether it using my laptop and connect to it. I would need to be doing a lot of downloading, especially since I be using video chat with friends and family back home. Which data plan would you advise me select for this purpose? How much per month?

Lucia (Sep 2, 2013):
Hi, im at beijing now. I have china mobile simcard and activated the data plan but it didnt works, and ny balance is deducted 50 a day. And I sent more than one message to activate the data plan.do you have local number that I can text?
Ken (Sep 4, 2013):
If you have a new sim card, then it should work from the first day of next month, thank you.
Tuan (May 9, 2013):
Dear Sir/Madam

can you help me, how to activate data plan 100 yuan via sms, I already have china mobile prepaid sim card

Thanks and best regards
Ken (May 9, 2013):
Please contact China Mobile. Sim card released by different oringal issuer has different sms command.
ksdtmuppet (Mar 2, 2013):
Is a nano-sim available for the iPhone 5?
Thank you.
ksdtmuppet (Mar 2, 2013):
Hi Ken. Is there a Nano-SIM option available for the iPhone 5? Thanks.

Ken (Mar 2, 2013):
Sorry we have no Nano-sim card available.
Mercury1 (Jan 29, 2013):
Thank you very much for your response! One more question before I make a decision:
How do I activate the data plan once in China? Do I send a text message to China Mobile?
Thank you Sir. I would also like to mention that you have a fantastic web site. Keep up the good work!
Ken (Jan 29, 2013):
Normally two ways we do. We activate the data plan before shipping, or when you arrived China and activated sim card then send us a SMS or call us, and we activated data plan for you manually. If you can read Chinese then you can send SMS commond to China Mobile to activate data plan by yourself.
Mercury1 (Jan 22, 2013):
Dear Sir / Madam:

Very interested in the China Mobile Prepaid EDGE/GPRS Data SIM Card Plan50. Suppose I order it from you, slip it into my iPhone upon entry into China in mid-March and activate the SIM card and 50 yuan data plan on my day of arrival in China:
Question 1: If I decide that the around 45 yuan left for calling won't be enough, how can I add more credit?
Question 2: What happens at the end of the month with the 50 yuan data plan? Will I automatically be charged
Ken (Jan 24, 2013):
1. You can buy China Mobile recharge card and refill this sim card. It's easy to get a China Mobile recharge card in China just like to buy one newspaper.
2. At the end of the month, 10 yuan monthly fee will be charged from the credit for next month, if you activated data plan, data fee will be charged too. If credit is out, the service suspended until refilled.
james (Aug 3, 2012):
I bought a sim in Jinan. I really only need it for data and getting calls. How do I activate free incoming and a cheap data plan? I should have bought from your site as it is very hard to get through to CM customer service. 4 days now and no answer.
Thanks in advance.
Ken (Aug 4, 2012):
Not all sim card has free incoming plan, so please contact China Mobile to make sure what kind a sim card you have. Read this for more info about China sim card please.

lyn (Jul 29, 2012):
hi i am arriving in shandong next week 7 aug. possible to send there to me if i am purchasing the 100 yuan sim card? it's for iPhone4, so will need a micro sim card. or if i can purchase it at beijing airport?
then i will be traveling to sichuan, will it work there as well?
Ken (Jul 30, 2012):
Sorry we can not delivey it before Aug 7th for our office now is closed and we will back after Aug 18, thank you. This sim card is from Guangdong and it supports international outgoing calls in nation wide. If you only need data and some local calls, you can buy one at Beijing airport.
Julia Tolman (Jul 21, 2012):
I am going to be going to Shenzhen in about a month and am considering the 50 yuan plan with 500MB data. Is this plan only for data or does it include minutes or money for talking and texting?
Ken (Jul 21, 2012):
This sim card includes 100 yuan credit and once 50 yuan data plan applied, it still has some money for talking and texting. If needed this sim card also can be refilled. Thank you.
Rafael (Jul 10, 2012):
Ken, I understand. So the data plan comes imediatelly active, and not only for the next month like in China Mobile Cards for Beijing. The card will work automatically for data after inserted on Iphone4 or I will need to configure cmwap?
Ken (Jul 10, 2012):
You need to set up APN as cmnet then let Login and Password empty. If you need MMS then Relay server URL: http://mmsc.monternet.com, Proxy servers:, that's all.
Rafael (Jul 9, 2012):
Hello Ken, thanks for your clarifications.
500MB data plan is already active for current month of July or only for next month? I will need it right away.
How long does it take to arrive in Beijing after ordering?
Ken (Jul 10, 2012):
It takes one day to delivery it to Beijing unless airports closed for very bad weather.

The sim card we have is new and unactivated. So suppose we activated one card on 5th July, then 5th of each month is its billing date. Then if we apply data plan between 5th to 20th (first half month), China Mobile charges full fee (50 yuan) and releases 500 MB for this billing cycle, if we activated data plan on one day between 21th to 5th of next Month, then half fee (25 yuan) charges for half t
Rafael (Jul 9, 2012):
Im arriving to Beijing next Wednesday and am considering your China Mobile Prepaid EDGE/GPRS Data SIM Card Plan50 for my Iphone 4 (GSM).
Does it come already with credit or this should be added?
Besides the KTSJLL50 data plan, can I also activate on this same SIM card the KTCTWY plan - 10 RMB/month for unlimited incoming calls, 20 minutes of outgoing calls ?
Is 12593 international service already activated or I should go to a China Mobile store for IDD?
Is it a Bejing number
Ken (Jul 9, 2012):
1. Yes credit is already added by us.
2. KTSJLL50 and KTCTWY are commonds for Beijing SIM card, however our sim card is from Guangdong, so they can not work. Our sim card has not KTCTWY plan.
3. 12593 international service in whole China is ready, not only in Beijing.
4. It's a Guangdong number.
Lisa (May 18, 2012):
If a pay as go sim was ordered today, when would this be delivered to Kowloon? Colleague is travelling there on 19th May until 26th May.

Ken (May 31, 2012):
The card was sent to Gongguan as you required.
Ryan (May 9, 2012):
I will be traveling to Beijing and Shanghai at the end of May. I would like to get a prepaid MicroSIM for my iPhone 4S to use to make local calls and 3G data. Is it possible purchase a sim card at the Beijing airport?
Ken (May 11, 2012):
You can buy a standard sim card at airport, however not sure if they can cut it to Micro size.
Gim (Apr 14, 2012):
Hi, I will be arriving Tianjin international airport next Saturday. Can I purchase the 3G prepaid data sim card plan50 for my iPhone at the airport?
Ken (Apr 19, 2012):
Sorry not sure if you can buy 3G card in Tianjian airport.
Thanon (May 23, 2011):
Dear 86CallChina,
I am going to travel Beijing from 28 June to 3 August.
I want use internet on my iphone 4 there.
1. How can I receive the SIM card? Is it possible to get it at Beijing airport or the Hotel?
2. Please confirm the US$34.99 card is include with 100 yuan credit, So I can use 100 yuan for 100 yuan plan without additional payment.
Thank you,
Ken (Jul 8, 2011):
1. We can delivery the sim card to your hotel.
2. Yes.
Jose Pereira (Mar 20, 2011):
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have the China Mobile SIM card pre paid # 136 5163 1923
I know the rules for vox, and need to buy more credits when I arrive in order to reactivate the line. Credits remaining will be activated too.
Now I want to st up the data too.
What do I need to do?
I am arriving on 22 of march in Shanghai.
Jose Pereira
Ken (Mar 22, 2011):
When arrived in Shanghai please call China Mobile service. You can do nothing when you are not in China for the number is offline, unless you can read Chinese.
Oded (Aug 25, 2010):
Dear Sir, Madam,

I'm arriving to Guangzhou next Monday.
I would like to purchase the 50 yuan Plan with 500MB.
How and where can I purchase the SIM?
Can I make it active immediately after buying?

Ken (Aug 30, 2010):
1. Just follow the steps and you can buy this sim card from us. 2. You can active the data plan immediately when you arrive China.

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China Data SIM Card : China Mobile Prepaid EDGE/GPRS Data SIM Card Plan50
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