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Dial International Call in China

In China, land lines and mobile phones are both support to dail international call. However the charges of IDD ( international direct dailing) is high, some carriers provide VoIP service and this is a lower cost way to Dial International Call in China.

Land line

1. International direct dialing
By default, the international long distance function is closed by telecom carrier, so you need to call them to open the service and your may be required to pay 300 yuan or more as a deposit to activate the international long distance function. Also it's expensive for international direct dailing. For example, call USA is 0.80 yuan / 6 seconds (8.00 yuan per min) and 40% off at concession period 0:00-7:00 daily.

To make an international direct dailling call, If you want to call 123-4567 which is locaded in California and it's area code is 760 in USA, you need to dail 00-1-760-123-4567.

2. Using IP card
This is a cheaper way to make an international call. Telecom opreators offer many kinds of IP cards, such as 17900 calling card by China Telecom. It's the most compatible card and can be used in most area of China. It's cheaper then IDD, for example, call USA is only 0.30 yuan / min + 0.10 yuan /min local connection charges.

IP cards are often sold at discount prices. You can buy below two cards online and get card number w/ PIN instantly.

It looks a few inconvenient to use an IP card, one have to dail access number such as 17900 first, then dial a number to select system language, then Card # and PIN #, then IDD #, however most IP cards can bundle a mobile phone or fixline and it just needs to dial special access number + IDD number.

Cell phone
It is almost the same to land lines to make an international call with local cell phone.

1. A direct dial
To open the funciton of international direct dialling, a deposit is required by the carrier, such as, 3000 yuan for China Mobile. It's even more expensive then land lines for a local connection fee was included. For example, call USA is 0.80 yuan / 6 seconds (8.00 yuan per min) and local connection fee 0.2 - 0.6 yuan / min

2. Using IP cards
An IP card can be bounded to mobile number, so the card number and PIN need not be pressed.

3. Special access number
China Mobile offers internatinal outgoing calling service with special access 12593 in some big cities and provinces, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. To make an international outgoing calls with 12593 services, you just need to dial 12593 + 00 + Country Code+ City Area Code + Phone Number you wish to call, it has a lower rate (e.g. call US, CA @ 0.40 yuan / min) and is a good way to dial international calls in China.

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