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What is IC card telephone?

IC card telephone, is now a part of public services. Instead of coin telephone, in China you can find IC card telephone booths all over town. An IC call card is required to use IC card telephone. Most IC card telephone are owned by China Telecom.

How to use IC card telephone?

You need a prepaid IC calling card, then find an IC card phone, insert the card into the card entrance of telephone and dial your number. To dial an international call: 00 + country code + area code + phone number. There are many kind of IC cards, some can be used only in certain provinces or regions.

How about the fee of calling with an IC card public telephone?

In China, China Telecom and China Netcom have the services of IC card phone, although China Telecom has the most share. An IC card issued by China Telecom can be used on a phone of China Netcom, but charges with the price of China Netcom.

It's cheaper than normal fixed-phone when using a China Telecom IC card phone.

Local call: 0.10 yuan/min
Domestic long distance direct call: 0.15 yuan/ min
Internationational direct dialing call:
1.00 yuan /min for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, USA, Canada and Singapore.
8.00 yuan /min for other countries and regions.

Who is using IC card phone? Is it easy to find a IC card phone booth?

It's a good choice if you have not bring your mobile phone but need to call someone when you are in China. You can find phone booth all over town, such as airports, train stations, schools.

What is IP card? May I dial an international call with IP card?

IP card (Voice Over IP card) is a virtual phone card. It uses IP-telephony to reduce the rate of telecommunication. It works the same way as real phone. Surely it is very economical to make an international call with IP card in China.

Who are issuers of IP cards in China?

In China, the main issuers of IP cards are the top telecommunation companies such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom.

How to use an IP card to dialing an international call?

To use an IP card, you will be given a local access number and a card PIN nunber. First you dail the access number, then enter cards's PIN code after a prompt, dail the IDD number ( country code, area code and the destination phone nunber). IP card supports both land line and mobile phone.

If calling with an IP card, how about the quality?

The quality is good. It's better then mobile to mobile.

Who uses IP card in China?

IP card contributes large savings and is a good choice for whom frequently makes long distance and international calls.

What is prepaid SIM card? Is it rechargeable?

A prepaid SIM card, is a China Cell Phone SIM card, it needs to be paid in advance for its airtime, so there is no bill. Most SIM cards in China are prepaid card. It is rechargeable.

Who provides mobile communication services in China?

China Mobile, provides GSM /GPRS and 3G ( TD-CDMA ) mobile communication service. It's the biggest mobile carrier in China.

China Unicom, the second, operates GMS and 3G WCDMA networks and provide mobile service based on its nets.

China Telecom, the newest mobile provider, just got the admission of mobile business in 2008, it runs CDMA / EV-DO + WiFi networks in China.

Is there any other mobile carrier or any foreign service provider in China?

No. However your local mobile carrier may provide international roaming service in China through China mobile carriers.

How about the service of Chinese mobile service providers?

The cell networks in China covers over 99% populations. In big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, they have call center service in English.

Generrally what can I do with a China SIM card? Can I dialing an international call?

First you have a China local mobile number, enjoy local rates. You can be reached by your friends and business partners. You can use mobile internet if you need wireless data service.

Can I use my cell phone with a local number in China?

1. China GMS network uses frequency 800 MHz and 1800 MHz, CDMA network runs in frequency 1800 MHz. So first your cell phone needs to support the frequency. You could check your cell phone instruction to know if it can works in this frequency.

2. You cell phone is unlocked. That means your cell phone can use other SIM card. If you do not know, ask your dealer or carrier this information. If your cell phone is locked, it will not work with any other SIM card.

Can my friends contact me with my cell phone that using China SIM card?

Yes. You have a local China mobile number and can be reached by your friends abroad.

Why Chinese mobile carriers charge roaming fee? How to avoild this charge?

Because in different area, mobile service is provided by local carrier. So when you are out of the coverage of the local carrier, they will through differnt covage

If I am traveling in different areas of China, do I need different China SIM card?

No. One is enough. All SIM card supports roaming service in China.

I will go on a business trip to Beijing and stay 4 weeks, should I need a China SIM card?

It is a good idea if you get a China SIM card, so your Chinese business partners can reach you easily.

How to use GPRS data service in China? How about the cost?

It's easy. GSM SIM card supports GPRS/EDGE and you just need to activate it. Generally the rate is 0.01 yuan/KB, 500 yuan for unlimited KB. However there are many cheaper packages for subscribers available.

What is service life of SIM card?

Generally it is 90 days, 120 days or 180 days.

Does China cell phone supports voicemail function?

Mostly not. The carrier does not offer this service in most area.

If your question is not in the list above, please feel free to contact us or paste your question in our forum.

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