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I will be in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and need a SIM card.
I will be in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and need a SIM card. What is the best SIM card to call USA? What will the rate be? Do you have a card that I can recharge in 7-11 stores in Shenzhen?

By: Ron on Sep 27, 2009 - 20:54
If you will be in Shenzhen and Hong Kong only a few days you can select a Shenzhen SIM card, it supports roaming in Hong Kong.

Shenzhen SIM card:

call to USA: 0.39 yuan / min (in Shenzhen), 7.99 yuan / min (in HK)
incoming calls: free (in Shenzhen), 2.19 yuan /min (in HK)

Shenzhen SIM card

This card can be recharged in 7-11 stores in Shenzhen.

If you plan to stay a long time and mainly make calls, we would suggest you to buy 2 SIM cards, one Shenzhen and one HK, for the rate of romaing calls to USA is too high.

Sorry we have no details info of HK sim card, however the rates are lower.

By: Ken on Sep 27, 2009 - 21:15
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