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keeping a Chinese phone number for use 1 month out of the year
Hello, I visit China once a year. I stay for about 35 days. I would like to start to have a permanent phone number. And not get a new one ever time I visit China.. What is my best option. I normally stay in the Guangxi area.. Is the 5 yuan a month plan my best/ a good option? If so do I call 10086. Will someone be able to speak to me in English? Thanks for any advice? danb

5 yuan Plan
Monthly fee: 5 yuan
Free traffic including: 30 MB (cmwap only)
Rate exceed free traffic: 1 yuan/MB (cmwap and cmnet)
Roaming charges: 1 yuan/MB
To Active:
SMS: send BLGPRS to 10086 (Chinese only)
Call: dailing hotline 10086

By: danb on Jan 15, 2014 - 5:32
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