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homtom ht7 review
After the Homtom HT6 with 6000+mAh battery, you might be lead to believe the Homtom HT7 will have a 7000mAh battery pack, but it doesn’t, nor does the phone look like it will be a flagship device either with the company pointing out this phone will be sold at a very low-price.

So the HT7 will actually sit at the start of the Homtom line-up and will be a phone that will be priced low to attract budget phone shoppers (this is a confusing naming strategy). The actual price hasn’t been disclosed, but Homtom say the displays will be the same HD panels Lenovo uses and that the batter will be 3000mAh (so Homtom HT3 would have been perfect).

The HT7 will have a 5.5-inch display and from the renders we can make out quite a good-looking design with an interesting mesh rear panel that almost looks like a huge speaker.
At this time this is all we know about the HomTom HT7, there is no mention of any innovation, no fingerprint tech, etc so we guess the pricing must be special. How much do you think the HT7 will sell for?
You can buy it at geekbuying

By: youssefizk on Nov 19, 2015 - 16:16
This phone is good but i want to buy 6 inch smartphone and min. 2gb Ram. I've heard little about vkworld T1 Plus, I hope to see the final review!! Thanks..

By: rakesh on Sep 27, 2016 - 3:53
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