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Can't call into China Mobile Beijing SIM card GPRS/EDGE Plans
Hello everyone, Happy New Years, I have a freind in Huaian, 223001, Jiangsu PR China. And person says plan will not allow her to accept international call. This person is using the "China Mobile Services" and probably is on the following; China Mobile Beijing SIM card GPRS/EDGE Plans. (This is the first default plan, I think with no international calling)

Default Plan *
Monthly fee: 0 yuan
Free traffic including: 0 MB
Rate exceed free traffic: 0.01yuan/KB
Roaming charges: none
To Active:
SMS: send KTSJLL0 to 10086
Call: dailing hotline 10086
* Already actived for most Beijing SIM Card

If so could the area code be 875 and calling from USA it would be 011-86-875 than mobile number 242-2927.

1. Can someone PLEASE call this number 875-242-2927 to confirm it is a valid working number within the Mainland China area of Huaian, 223001, Jiangsu.

2. Or please acknowledge that this plan will not accept any international calls.

3. Is this area code 875 valid for Huaian, 223001, Jiangsu if it is on default plan whereas not accepting any international calls?

Sincerely thank you, Irwin

By: Irwin Wei on Jan 20, 2017 - 9:34
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By: Lester on Oct 27, 2017 - 23:30
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