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Make Phone Calls in China

When making international calls (IDD - International Direct Dialing) with land line or cell phone in China, first you must dial "00" ( international prefix ), then dial the country code, then the area code and local number.

* e.g. if you want to call 123-4567 which is locaded in California and it's area code is 760 in USA, you need to dial 00-1-760-123-4567.

When making international calls with an IP (Voice over IP) calling card, first you need to dial the access number, such as 17900 (China Telecom) and then dial card # and PIN # then IDD number.

When making domestic long distance calls with land line or cell phone ( to land line ) in China, you should first dial the area code starting with 0, then the local number.

* e.g. you call a number 1234-5678 which is located in Beijing ( area code is 10 ), you need to dial 010-1234-5678

When making domestic long distance calls with land line to cell phone in China, you first should dial 0 ( national prefix ), then the cell phone number.

* for the land line and mobile are not a same system, you just need to dial 0 + mobile number, such as 0-139-12345678

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