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China Mobile prepaid SIM card, start at US $16.99
China 17900 IP Calling Card 100 yuan
China Calling Card : China 17900 IP Calling Card 100 yuan
Price: US $8.85
Denomination: RMB 100
Carrier: China Telecom
Card Expiry Date: June 30, 2014
Coverage: access to over 190 countries or regions
Low Rates: Call from China starts at $0.027/min*
* Local access charge not included
Lower cost: Adopt IP tariffs and get lower cost comparing with similar products.

Universal use: All over the nation, the card applies for the fixed phone, Personal Access Phone System (PAS) and cell phone handsets.

Extended coverage: Reaches to more than 190 countries and regions. Roaming extends to more than 60 foreign countries and regions.

Flexibility and convenience: When bundling the card number with a commonly used phone, users can dial "17901 + called number" for calling without entering a card number.
The face price of this card is 100 yuan (US $15.90), the rates are based on face price. We sell this card at US $8.85.

China domestic long-distance call: 0.3 RMB/min (333 min, US$ 0.027/min)

Call from China to

Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Singapore: 0.3 RMB/min (333 min, US$ 0.027/min)

Korea, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia: 0.9 RMB/min (111 min, US$ 0.08/min)

Macao, Taiwan: 1.2 RMB/min ( 83 min, US$ 0.10/min)

UK, France, Germany, Finland, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Hungary: 3 RMB/min (33 min, US$ 0.27/min)

Afghanistan, Cape Verde, The State of Eritrea, Fiji, Haiti, Honduras, Lesotho, Liberia, Mauritania, Burma, Nepal, New Caledonia, Qatar, Saint Kitts and Nevis, United Arab Emirates: 4.50 RMB/min ( 22 min, US$ 0.40/min)

Other countries and regions: 3.5 RMB/min (27 min, US$ 0.32/min)

* The above charges do not include local IP access fee. The access fee is determined by current local standard fees. Generally 0.1 RMB/min for fixed phone, 0.2 - 0.8 RMB/min for mobile in China.
* US includes all fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
* Maritime Planet Phone is not applicable.
Phone Card Usage
1) Make overseas and domestic long-distance calls: 17900 -> choose languages -> card number -> PIN -> called number

2) Manage operations: 17900 -> choose languages -> card number -> PIN -> choose according to phone system prompts (information check - press 11#; transfer of balance - press 22#; change of PIN - press 33#; call bundling - press 44#; abbreviated number accounts - press 55#).

3) Users can directly dial " 17901+ called number of the phone" of which account has been opened or bundled.
Customer Service
Customer service center of China Telecom: 10000
China Telecom Global Services Center: +86-21-50581000

If you have any questions about purchase, please contact us or post your question below.
An IP calling card is a virtual card with PIN - a group of numbers. Please check the Quantity beside the add to cart botton above.

If item is available for INSTANT delivery online, then once payment complete, you can get the card info instantly at customer center ( sign in with given order ID and your email). Else we will advise you with email to check card number and PIN number within 24 hours when new item added.
Ask a Question
HASH (Mar 10, 2014):
I brought a 100 yuan 17900 card. I used for 2 months now and now it ran out of credit. How do I recharge? I brought another new card, and I tried to follow the instructions but it says the phone I try to recharge is already bounded. So I unbound it, and tried again...this time it says this card is invalid in this region (I am at Beijing). So Now i bound my card back again. So I do I recahrge with the new card I brought? itd also a 100 yuan card.
Henry (Dec 19, 2013):
Hello, How and where can I order local china sim card? thank you for info
Martin (Aug 26, 2013):
hi I just bought a china unicom IP card 100 yuan, i have called to 17968 and set the card number and password (pin) and Philippines number 0639..... # but i says sorry cannot make this call, could you please clarify me how to use this card?? best regards
Ken (Aug 27, 2013):
Your 17968 calling card may only support domestic calls. So contact your seller please.
james (Jul 18, 2013):
Hi, i buy 3 cards of china unicom calling card, which is 64k, and the seller told me it last for lessthan an hour for a call, but when i use it, it takes only for just 2 min. i dont know what to do with this. need some help..
Ken (Jul 18, 2013):
Ask the seller please. There are dozens of calling cards, I dont know which one you got. Sorry.
Marty (Jul 9, 2013):
When I am in China, can I use this card throughout the region to call the US? Is there no specific calling number from different cities of Region or do you always use the same number, 17900.
Ken (Jul 10, 2013):
Yes this card can be used in whole China to call
USA. No special number, just call same number 17900
to enter the system.
Apichate (Jun 26, 2013):
How can I check my balance both local and oversea from Thailand?
Ken (Jun 27, 2013):
Do you mean balance of 17900 card? If so you can call 001-800-13-201-8288 in Thailand. Thanks.
CRAIG (Apr 27, 2013):
I am travelling to Guangzhou, China and wish to call back to New Zealand from a New Zealand Vodafone Mobile (iPhone 5). Can I use your international calling card to make these call please?
Ken (Apr 28, 2013):
You need to have a local sim card first. Then you can use this calling card. Or you can use this calling card on landline such as in your hotel.
lora (Mar 28, 2013):
Hello! I have a sim card-China UNICOM. Which ip card need to buy if i want to call to Russia?
Thank you!
Ken (Mar 28, 2013):
This 17900 card is good. Rate of call to Russia is 0.90 yuan/ min, with discount, aounrd 0.50 yuan / min.
emma (Mar 18, 2013):
Ken (Mar 18, 2013):
First please make sure your 17909 card can be used for internatinal calling. There are two kinds, one can only call to domestic numbers. Contact your seller to help you.
Woon (Jan 9, 2013):

How do I check my phone number? I have a the 100 yuan card and has not been activated since April 2012. Can I still use it when I activated it in China?
Ken (Jan 11, 2013):
This calling card is not a mobile sim card, it's only for long distance calls, has no mobile number with. If you mean to have a mobile number please check our sim card.
LEE (Dec 11, 2012):
I've being using 17900 IP card for years for international call. Sometimes, up to 3 cards of 100yuans whithin 2 weeks. Anytime you dial 17900, you pay 0.25yuan/mn for local call. The problem is that 17900 will not really help you get the international line, and you will pay 0.25yuan as many times as you failed to be connected. I checked on http://www.10086.cn, and was really suprised to see how much I payed after failed trials on 17900.So 17900 doesn't really work. Expensive local fee!!!
Ken (Dec 13, 2012):
Yes local connection is not free. Do you have any good suggestions for international calls? Seems you like 8.00 yuan/min for international calls more.
helen (Nov 17, 2012):
he comprado una tarjeta ip car 17901, la ingrese al telefono... ahora estoy en yiwu y deseo marcar a Colombia, siempre lo habia hecho marcando 17901 00 + cod paĆ­s mas telefono pero me dice que no tengo plata pero no se si es que es problema porque antes estaba en china mobil y ahora estoy en china telecom..... me pueden orientar por favor
Ken (Nov 17, 2012):
Sorry I can not understand your language.
Chris (Sep 18, 2012):
Can I buy this calling card at my location? I am in Harbin. Thanks.
Ken (Sep 18, 2012):
Yes you can buy this ip card at China Telecom, however you may have not discount.
jame (Aug 31, 2012):
where can be buy 17900 ip phone card in penglai, shandong. Thanks
Ken (Sep 1, 2012):
You can go to China Telecom and have a try, thanks.
kathleen (Aug 30, 2012):
trying to call us from china
dialed 17900 then input my number then put in pin then dial 1 plus the area code and tel number in us and it says no such number. this is my home in us
Ken (Sep 1, 2012):
You need to dial number 00 + 1 + your number. The prefix 00 for international call is required.
Maria (Aug 2, 2012):
i'm in wuhan, i wanna call to senegal and i bought this card, everytime i call, it says (the phone is busy), but the phone is NOT busy and i know 100%, if i call trough another system it works but if i call with the card it has this problem. So i bought another card and i have the same problem. Whit this card i can call Africa, so i know there is something wrong but i dont know what.

17900+2+the ip card long number + my pasword of 4 characters + 00221 and the cellphone.

Ken (Aug 4, 2012):
The way you use the calling card has no problem. Please try to call another cell phone number, if still can not access, then this card can only call to Senegal landline.
julie (Jun 8, 2012):
Hi, im in hangzhow trying to call to USA i bundle the IP card to my cellphone and i've calling since yeatarday to 17901 and is not working... what can i do?
Ken (Jun 10, 2012):
What kind IP card do you have? If you have a 17900 card, then you need to dial 17901 + 00 + 1 (country code) + your phone number.
hangzhou (Jun 5, 2012):
how can i know the remaining balance(amount)in my ip card
Ken (Jun 10, 2012):
Call 17900, select English, then enter you card number, PIN, then press 11#
hangzhou (May 31, 2012):
Hello, i am facing problem in using this card when i try to make a call to nepal. when i dial the country code(977)it says that "you can not access this number" plz help me
Ken (May 31, 2012):
You should dial 00 + 977 + your number after get the voice prompt "Please dial your number".
sadhana in china (Apr 7, 2012):
I am in China and i want to call my family in india.Which card shall i take? so that i get more talk time with less money
Where can i buy IP Card in Ningbo (Mar 18, 2012):
Now, i am in Ningbo,China.Now, i have a China SIM Card,
number is 15888527834. So, can i use 17900 IP card with this China Mobile SIM Card.If it can use, please, show me the addrass to buy this in Ningbo. Now, i stay in Smile and Natural Hotel no.99, jiangbei road ,jiangbei district,ningbo cty,

So, please,reply me for urgent

Ken (Mar 27, 2012):
Yes you can use 17900 calling card. We are not familar with Ningbo, however you can find a China Telecom store to have a try.
Joe (Feb 24, 2012):
I live in Baoding, Hebei, where can I buy one IP card?
thank u very much!
Ken (Mar 2, 2012):
You can go to China Telecom to buy an IP card.
Guangzhou (Jan 7, 2012):
I am in GZ and just got IP card.
I wish to know, how much do i pay for India per Min....
if I buy an IP card and pass the pin number to my family in INDIA and they wanna call me to China...how does it work and how much do they have to pay for India to China call ....
How really does it work .... this IP card , My money get deducted from my china mobile??? Or like I paid for IP card Yuan35 value Yuan 100 what does this mean ...does this mean ...
Ken (Mar 2, 2012):
Just make sure what kind IP card you got. There are
lots of IP cards by different carrier, some items
only at 25 yuan for 100 yuan value.
You need to check if your IP card works outside China.
dnyanesh katruwar (Jan 5, 2012):
hi, i am from india. coming to china for a holiday with family. which we will be the best calling card to call home from china ?? i am china for 9 days and in hongkong for 4 days. thanks
Ken (Jan 6, 2012):
This card is good. You can use it in hotel or other landlines.
gabi (Oct 30, 2011):
I'm travelling to a town in Hebei province in China in some months for a long stay. I need to be able to make calls to fellow students in China and to my family in Spain in case of emergency or to keep in touch. Which is the most cost-efficient choice in my situation?
Ken (Nov 29, 2011):
To contat one in China, a mobile is good. To contact with your family, this calling card is good, it can work with both landline and mobile in China.
alicia (Oct 30, 2011):
how to use the 17900 IP card to make a call from USA (at Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania) to call back to Beijing?
Ken (Nov 29, 2011):
To call from US to China with this card, you can just dial 866-280-6846 as access number. No access fee and 1 yuan / min, with discount 0.08 US$/ min.
ronak (Jun 27, 2011):
hello i have visited china in march 2011, at that time i have bought china unicom sim card. now i am again going to travel china in july, and can i use that sim card again by recharging it?? i want to know the validity period of that sim card? and also let me know whether that same sim card works in yiwu, guangzhou, shenzen, shanghai with same call rates???
Ken (Jul 8, 2011):
If you sim card is not expeired then you can recharge it and use it again. Maybe you can call China Union to have a check at + 86 10010. The rates depend on your plan, so I dont know.
donde (May 19, 2011):
is it cost effective to use china card on cell as a back up in china
Ken (Jul 8, 2011):
Depends on your situations and where you will go.
donde (May 18, 2011):
thank you
can i buy in china this card.
is it worth buying card to phisicaly use in pay phone booth
by inserting in telephone as a back up
Ken (Jul 8, 2011):
Yes you can buy it in China.
donde (May 14, 2011):
how to call in china

where do i make call from is it near hotel ?

can i use room from hotel to call
Ken (May 18, 2011):
Yes. 17900 is a local number and mostly you can call 17900 and use 17900 IP card in your hotel room.
EK (May 8, 2011):
Users can directly dial " 17901+ called number of the phone" of which account has been opened or bundled. if i want to use this way. Do i need to open the account? How can i open the account. Now i have one card which has both username and password. I need to enter several of number everytime. I just want the convenient way to call it ..Thanks
Ken (May 18, 2011):
You need not open an account however you can bundle the number with your phone. Then you can dial 17901 + your number.
santhana (Apr 9, 2011):
I've china unicom cell phone number. Can I buy your calling card? I need to call to Thailand whilie we're in Kunming next week. Can I buy your card online? Will we get all information online?
Ken (Apr 19, 2011):
Yes. You can use this phone card in China mainland
with your China Unicom number.
Linnea (Apr 8, 2011):
I want to call from Shanghai to Hong Kong. I have a China Telecom telefon card. If I buy the IP-card, do I keep the number and can start calling IP when I get the information in an e-mail after my payment?
Thank you for your help!
Ken (Apr 19, 2011):
Yes. Once you get the card number and PIN, you can
begin to use this calling card. The card info will
not send via email, for we can not make sure your
mail system can receive our automatic email. You
can just sign in the system with your order number
and order ID to get it when paid.
michelle (Dec 3, 2010):
i am new here at xiangfan hubei.where can i get your ip cards? i have look around but i cant find shop selling ip cards here.....
Ken (Mar 10, 2011):
You can purchase this ip card online from us. Thanks.
henry (Oct 16, 2010):
is the local ip access fee charged to the card, or to the mobile phone user?
Ken (Oct 16, 2010):
Access fee is charged to user's mobile or landline. Its rate is the same as local outgoing call.
toshtemir (Jul 26, 2010):
Hi, how much would it cost to call Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from using this calling cards? Thanks in advance for the answer.
Ken (Jul 27, 2010):
Around 1.80 yuan / min for both countries with discount.
susie (Jun 23, 2010):
Where can I buy the card in Changsha? I don't read Chinese. Do they have English translation. Thank you.
Ken (Jun 30, 2010):
You can buy the card at China Telecom. You may also buy the card at stores who sell books and magazines.
William Hairston (May 8, 2010):
Hi customer service,

I want to make this quick. I have being living in Shanghai, Chine for the last 6 years and call to the USA all the time. I have being using the "China Universal 17900 IP Calling Card 100 yuan" for the last several years. I only pay 35 to 40 yuau max. I like to know if you could sell it to me for the same cost. if you could it would be more convence because I can buy online anytime don't have to wrong if the card run out of money at midnight when the store are not op
Ken (Oct 16, 2010):
Our phone card shopping system now is still manual and maybe an automatic system may reduce the cost. We are now working on this system.
Tim (Apr 23, 2010):
Do you have an English translation for the information on the back of the IP card?
Ken (Apr 25, 2010):
It's user guide for the card. We have special manual at below page.

janaka (Feb 24, 2010):
Hello, I would be travelling to Beijing in August 2010.In your web site 'China Universal 17900 IP calling card Yuan100' was expired on 31st December 2009.Please update your web site accordingly therefore I could make the purchase.
ha (Sep 17, 2009):
where can i buy 179ip phone card in Changzhou, Jangsu. Thanks
Ken (Sep 17, 2009):
Hi, you can go to Chine Telecom, China Mobile or China Unicom to buy 179 IP phone card. They are all telecommunication carriers and have many different phone cards.

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China Calling Card : China 17900 IP Calling Card 100 yuan
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