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Telecommunication in China

China is the world's biggest telecommunication market. In the past few years, Chinese telecommunication market has been rapidly developped. As of now, China has the world's largest number of mobile users (600 million) and fixed telephone subscribers (300 million). In China the mobile network (GSM and CDMA) covers 99% of the China's popilation. In January 2009, China issued third generation (3G) wireless communication licenses to the 3 biggest telecomunication providers.

China Telecom

China Telecom is one of China's largest integrated information service providers, has the world's largest fixed telephone network. It provides telephone services, Internet access services, data communications, video communications as well as overseas telecom services. Last year China Telecom bought China Unicom's CDMA network, formally entered into the mobile business. In 2009 China Telecom received the 3G license based on CDMA2000 standard.

China Mobile

China Mobile is China's largest mobile telecommunication service providers. Its own GSM / GPRS network covers the 98 percent of the population, most railways, major highways and rivers are covered. At the same time, China Mobile owns the most sophisticated GSM international roaming services, covering 237 countries and regions of the 381 operators, GPRS international roaming services covered 179 countries and regions. China Mobile in its high-quality network services 457 million subscribers in China at excellent call-through rate (99.2%).

China Unicom

China Unicom has the second biggest GMS network in China, operates mainly in the mobile communication business, domestic and international fixed telephone communications, Internet access, broadband multimedia communications and value-added services. China Unicom's GSM mobile phone subscribers totaled 135 million (as of February 2009).

China GMS Coverage Map

* A China GSM coverage Map, click for zoom in

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