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China Mobile prepaid SIM card, start at US$16.99
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Product Info

1. Product Info

a. IP Calling Card

An IP calling ard is a virtual card with PIN - a group of numbers, with it you can enter IP service system and dialing long distance and international call. Please check the Quantity first when purchase IP calling card, if item is available for INSTANT delivery online, then once payment complete, you can get the card info instantly at customer center ( sign in with given order ID and your email). Else we will advise you with email to check card number and PIN number within 24 hours when new item added.

b. SIM card, GPRS Data Card

SIM card and data card are not virtual cards. You have to get the physical cards to use it. Shipping is required.

2. Rates

Unless specified otherwise, rates are quoted in US dollars and not includes shipping charge.

3. Ordering

You can place your order use Shopping Cart.

Orders for calling card and SIM card (shipping cost assured) can be checked out instantly.

Orders for SIM card (shipping cost is out of our list and can not complete checkout instantly) will be confirmed via return email with Shipping cost added within 24 hours and will be reserved awaiting for payment. In this case buyer is required to pay for the order in 5 days, else we will canncel the order.

4. Payment

We accept payment in USD, EUR, CNY (To work out equivalent amount in your currency please use current exchange rate at http://www.xe.com)

Payment can be made with:

(1) VISA Card, MasterCard
If the total payment amount is less than US $1000.00, you can pay for your order with your credit card via our shopping system.

(2) Paypal account
Pay with your Paypal account.

(3) Western Union Transfer
This is the fastest and safest way for you to pay if you do not want to use your credit card online. Please visit http://www.westernunion.com to find a Western Union's agent near your location or pay online (see the offical site of Western Union) with your credit card. If you pay through Western Union Transfer, please wire to Feng Hai (Feng is first name, Hai is last name), Country: China, City: Xi'an.

(4) Bank Transfer
You also can make the payment by bank transfer. That means from your local bank directly transfer to our China bank account. Hereunder is our bank info for your reference:

Account Holder: FENG HAI
Account No : 102807960802
Swift Code : BKCHCNBJ620 (Routing Number)

5. Shipping/Delivery

We provide domestic delivery inside China and international delivery. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Shipping only begins upon clearance of total payment. Multiple purchases to same shipping address will be consolidated to save costs for you.

We use the below shipping methods :

Registered air mail (international delivery, insurance included)
EMS of China Post (domestic and international delivery, insurance included)
FEDEX (international delivery, insurance included)

Check your shipping cost

Registered air mail (US $4.00, 6-25 days, insurance included)
EMS ( US $9.50-50.00, 4-9 days, insurance included)
Fedex (US $18.00-65.00, 3-6 days, insurance included)
EMS to your address inside China (US $3.50, 2-4 days, insurance included)

* If the cost of shipping your select is not assured, when you checkout, you will be adviced that the order was submitted and then we will send you email order confirmation with shipping cost added manually within 24 hours.

(1) Shipping with registered air mail
Card quantity
1 - 100
US $4.00

* Generally, item sent through registered air mail from China to overseas takes about 8 - 20 days.

From China to North America: 8 -20 days
From China to Europe: 8 -15 days
From China to South America: 12 - 25 days
From China to other Asia country: 6 -12 days
From China to Africa : 12 -20 days
The actual time taken depends on shipping destination.

(2) Shipping with EMS of China Post:

Domestic item: US $3.50 for any item inside China mainland, 2 - 4 days.

International item:

Card quantity
1 - 100
* US $9.50 - 50.00

*The exact S&H depends on your location.

EMS from China to overseas takes about 4 - 10 days

From China to North America: 4 - 7 days
From China to Europe: 4 - 7 days
From China to South America: 5 - 9 days
From China to other Asia country: 4 - 9 days
From China to Africa : 5 - 10 days
The actual time taken depends on shipping destination.

(3) Shipping with Fedex

Shipping cost based on your location and your purchase, handle is free.

Insurance is only included if you select special shipping way. No other insurance option available.

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